I have a longstanding passion for computer programming and web-development that I have polished over time. I believe people who are passionate about what they do and consistently improve themselves and have the right commitment are destined to be successful in their field.

Relevant Skills: C, Auto-it, Python, Javascript, jQuery, HTML5 and CSS3 or SASS, Nodejs, Redis and WordPress

My basic rate for freelance project is €65 (incl vat) an hour. I am flexible and willing to work on a commission basis for projects like webshops or app-development with prospective earnings.

I believe my all-round skillset can be an asset to your operation today. Get in contact with me and let's get to work!

I am available to join projects as a freelancer. I will read through relevant material and get to work immediately. I like making use of the long hours after sunset in order to get a job done. I don't shy for time-sensitive projects and am keen to learn new frameworks / libraries or computer languages. I believe my fascination for C, has helped me to quickly adapt to learning new computer languages.

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