TL;DR: Nierto Solutions is a one man digital army, or in other words: a compact and effective web and software development agency in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

I am committed to the products we develop together because I am willing to work on a commission basis of the revenue generated by the products I help you to launch. Get started on building a webshop for your existing store / brand / company at zero costs today or make a meeting to discuss your app idea without committing to large investments.

In this rapidly changing world it is important to continually optimize and update your business practices. It is equally important to separate true innovative forces from trends and fads.

At Nierto Solutions I am constantly probing and testing the new methods of practicing business in the 21st century, I evaluate those methods and find the most cost-effective which I then help implement and maintain.

Webstack: Javascript, Jquery, CSS3 or SASS, Html5, Redis, SQL, Nodejs (specifically electron) basic PHP, wordpress.

Appstack: C, Auto-it, Python, Redis, Electron (nodejs), basic .QT

A Personalized Ouvre

Personal Ouvre

I create custom-tailored digital solutions for your business at a fair price

Efficient Development

Efficient Development

Infinitely scalable organization - I work together with talented freelance developers from around the world to finish projects.

Genuine Content Creation

Genuine Content

No stolen logos, no copy pasted content, no low-effort marketing strategies. We are in the business of being honest to businesses and end-consumers.

Why Nierto Solutions?

I started this company because I believe in a world where small enterprises and family businesses are more connected, more interdependent, more understanding of eachother and where we make the most of what we have.

Small or medium sized businesses are the catalysator of growth, the creator of jobs and both the vanguard and the backbone of a strong and healthy economy.

I believe that any attempt we make to increase the effectiveness of a small to medium business will ultimately lead to a better world.


I have a longstanding passion for computer programming and web-development that I have polished over time. I believe people who are passionate about what they do and consistently improve themselves and have the right commitment are destined to be successful in their field.

Relevant Skills: C, Auto-it, Python, Javascript, jQuery, HTML5 and CSS3 or SASS, Nodejs, Redis and WordPress

My basic rate for freelance project is €42.5 (incl vat) an hour, this will go up as I become more certified for my services. I am flexible and willing to work on a commission basis for projects like webshops or app-development with prospective earnings.

I believe my all-round skillset can be an asset to your operation today. Get in contact with me and let's get to work!

I am available to join projects as a freelancer. I will read through relevant material and get to work immediately. I like making use of the long hours after sunset in order to get a job done. I don't shy for time-sensitive projects and am keen to learn new frameworks / libraries or computer languages. I believe my fascination for C, has helped me to quickly adapt to learning new computer languages.

N.E. Toren

Who are we

Born in Amsterdam I started as a pose-pup in Amsterdam at age 16. Modeling enabled me to travel far and wide and live in places such as Paris and Tokyo. More importantly it allowed me to meet people and make memories that I’ll cherish and never forget. I studied Political Science at the UvA, adventures from which only my propedeuse remain. I embarked on Crypto as a cocky crypto kiddy for a while until I spent it all unwisely in that same manner. I started a Social Club with my cousin in Malaga watching over Africa from our balcony. I dabbled with real estate development in Barcelona before I finally returned home in Amsterdam.

I’d like to think of myself as enterprising, straight-forward hands-on approach adventurer who has decided to throw over the rudder and head to the steady waters of his homeland to practice the dark magic which is programming. Where I hope to sail into the right people with which to innovate and grow together.

Full Stack Rookie

Aside of creating websites webshops and automation scripts I currently study the C programming language religiously and recently dived into OOP with C. I Script-kit with Auto-IT or Python (cython) and I flirt with Rust from time to time. I db with Redis, which I came across a while ago while making a rudimentary crypto trading bot although I can GET and POST some experience with SQL. Aside of these preferred tools, I can boast about my semi fluidity in Javascript, fluidity in html + latest css (css+js). I have a habbit of picking up new languages / frameworks / paradigms quickly because of my passion and intrigue for the C language.

I am very interested to come across other coders who are either self-taught like me or properly schooled like the industry standard to discuss new and upcoming innovations and frameworks or libraries.


Would you like to know more or get in touch about an exciting opportunity or challenge? Do not hesitate to get into contact with me.

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