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I help Small to Medium sized businesses to create their brand, website and online identity, and I maintain it like marble. I can work on a commission basis over the revenue made via the webshop. This means you could start your webshop today without downpayments

I also create personal webpages at a fair price.


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Do you need an outside opinion on your website or its hosting? webshop or digital services or products? Or perhaps you want to automate repetitive tasks for your business such as drafting work-schedules, making essential back-ups, tracking inventory between different systems or automating your mailbo? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Do you have a great app idea?

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People with great ideas for an app often sit on it without developping it. A shame, because it is never a bad idea to talk about it with someone who can help you implement it. New web frameworks have made scalability and deployment both a breeze, Smaller organizations can now create apps in the same ways as big enterprise does.


TL;DR: Nierto Solutions is a one man digital army, or in other words: a compact and effective web and software development agency in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

I am committed to the products we develop together because I am willing to work on a commission basis of the revenue generated by the products I help you to launch. Get started on building a webshop for your existing store / brand / company at zero costs today or make a meeting to discuss your app idea without committing to large investments.

In this rapidly changing world it is important to continually optimize and update your business practices. It is equally important to separate true innovative forces from trends and fads.

At Nierto Solutions I am constantly probing and testing the new methods of practicing business in the 21st century, I evaluate those methods and find the most cost-effective which I then help implement and maintain.

Webstack: Javascript, Jquery, CSS3 or SASS, Html5, Redis, SQL, Nodejs (specifically electron) basic PHP, wordpress.

Appstack: C, Auto-it, Python, Redis, Electron (nodejs), basic .QT

Nierto Solutions